Thursday, February 10, 2011


I knew it! Chardy was ready to pop! Thank goodness that she waited until I was home from my morning walk before she did. Come see our babies! :)

This is "Baby Boy", the firstborn. He has his mother's bonny blue eyes! He's also quite the rascal, already having gotten himself stuck in the fence once, and apparently confusing my exposed lower leg for his mama's udder, follows me around licking and butting my calf. Not gonna happen, Sir.

This is "Little Girl" she was born second. She has amber-colored eyes (I think) and is the heartier of the two.

Mama Chardy checking out her babies.

Blackjack is very curious about the babies.

The birth was fairly quick and Chardy was a trooper throughout. For those of you interested in the more scientific/graphic version of events, hop on over to The Bog Blog later this evening for video and additional details about the birth itself.

I'm a Goat Grammy! :)