Monday, March 7, 2011

A Package of Peepers!

My chickies are here! All 28 of them! That's a lot of chickens! What was I thinking!?!

They are Uber cute, I will give them that, but the peeping. Dear God in heaven, I'm going to lose my mind.

One of these babies is a free, exotic chick, variety unknown. I can barely tell the difference between the various types that I specifically chose, so I have no idea which one is Mr. or Miss. Mystery Bird.

The few that can be identified clearly from a mile away are the Turkens/Naked Necks. The expression "So ugly, it's cute" comes to mind here.

Does this little guy/gal look like a baby vulture or what? I almost had my friend's 4 year-old convinced that we had a baby pterodactyl. Almost.

As you can see in the video, all of these babies came in a surprisingly small box, and are still adjusting to the relative wide-openness of the trough, but tending to clump up together. Every so often a brave soul will wander over the water dishes and give them a tentative peck, with some of the more quick-witted and worldly among them successfully managing to master the skill of drinking. Shortly I'll have to sit down with them one by one and show them the dip-and-tip maneuver to get everybody up to speed on drinking.

The hot tub room, home of the broken hot tub, and previously the most useless room in the house, has now become our makeshift nursery. It is presently inhabited by 7 bunnies and 28 chicks, and will shortly be joined by my seedlings that I will be planting any day now. Things are really humming along now - this Spring is going to be NUTS!


  1. And the drama begins! We have a very weak little silver laced polish pullet with a pasted bum (just cleaned), and cannibalistic aracauna/americauna roo who likes to chomp on other peepers' feet. This is an unfortunate combo. :\

  2. HAHAHA....I guess I don't remember the peeping - it was warm enough out when we got our chicks in May, June and July (couldn't get them all at once by that time) that we were able to have them out in the chicken coop in a crate with a heat lamp on. They are cute when they are little, just like calves and pigs....and then they grow. Have fun with them