Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running on Empty

Is it Spring yet? Because I find myself doing lots of Springtime chores lately, yet I can't help but notice that I'm still needing to wear 5 layers of clothing while doing so. I'm always Winter-weary by late February, but it's March now. My sunshine is overdue! I'm ready for a 50 degree day. Is that really asking so much?

Since assuming the morning critter patrol duties solo, I've noticed that I hit my mid-afternoon lag a little bit harder than usual, which is saying something, since I am an Olympics-grade napper anyway. The exponential expansion of our animals has me running hither and yon morning, noon and night to water, feed, visit, clean and love on my critters. I enjoy the hell out of it, but my back is killing me and most nights I can barely stay awake long enough to get the kids in bed. So this is what a hard day's honest work feels like! But I am a delicate flower and this - how do you say? - manual labor is busting my chops. I foresee an awkward adjustment period...

I've got the skills (sort of) and the desire to whip this place into shape, I just need that last little piece of the puzzle - the oomph. Where art thou, oomph? You're not at the bottom of my fourth cup of coffee, I checked there.


  1. Ooomph is sadly lacking here too - I was out last night at 7:30 washing Jessie's steer for her while she did her 3 hours of homework....and we have calves due any time now so 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. calving checks are getting old fast....I just pray that it's not ME delivering these calves...as they will be in trouble:) lol.....have a good one

  2. Michelle you crack me up!! I love your posts, your bog and your critters. Heck I think I love you too :) Olympic grade napper, high five sista, I am too!! I hope you find some extra ooph as the sun returns to us :)

    I'm just happy that we can't plant here until mid May cause I am not ready for gardening yet!

  3. Oh you delicate flower, you. Hang in there! And if you ever want help with the critter, put my kiddos to work. We can write it into the girl's homeschool plan, lol.

  4. @ Kristin - Yes! Send me your minions... err.. children! :)