Thursday, June 30, 2011

Six Ounces of Triumph...

...look just like this!

Yes, it's only 6 ounces. Six very hard-earned ounces! In fact I can honestly say that I haven't sweated and sworn over an amount of milk this bitty since I was the one lactating.

I would have taken pictures of our inaugural use of the Henry Milker, but even with my three assistant goat wranglers, things were hectic. Gertie was the least willing milker, Chardonnay the least fruitful (I seriously think she shut her milk ducts DOWN) and Fritzen the easiest and best producer. Considering her long history of pig-headedness, who'd have thought?

Our does' milk supply is beginning to wane, so this milker got here just in the nick of time. Now, if I can train my goats (and myself) to be up for using it twice per day, we might just be in business.

My fellow milk maids, enjoying a post-milking water balloon fight.

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  1. You've got 6 oz more goat milk than I do! then again I don't have goats so that kinda makes sense :) Congrats on the milk, its not all nasty & hairy like its been in the past, hooray! The girls are adorable!