Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Three Little Piggies - Week 4

Not a lot new to report on the piggy front. Not even new pics. Yes, sirs and madames, I'm precisely that lame.

Not to digress too much, but it has been a rather full week - goat sales, chicken murders and three big birthdays in a 48-hour period have kept me on my toes, ergo no porky paparazzi shots this week.

We will start milking the goats later this week or early next, so the milk will be joining the mix just as the bulk organic grains that we've been feeding them will be wrapping up. The piggies have been enjoying their soybean/sorghum/corn/cracked wheat porridge, but from here on out, I anticipate that the bulk of their meals will be baked goods and goat milk, with a few kitchen scraps and garden gleanings tossed in as they are available. Luckily these three don't seem to be too picky about their chow, so long as it doesn't contain bananas. Who knew?

I'm going to have to do a little research on estimating/guesstimating pig weight, since I have no earthly idea how much these three have grown in the past month. Does anyone have any suggestions here? Do I use a weight tape? Does the breed matter? I could fill a book with what I don't know. :-\

Anyhoo - the three little piggies seem happy and healthy, and thus far we're still really enjoying having them. Now, when the weather finally heats up and the odeur de cochon becomes wind-borne.... well, I guess we'll cross that funky bridge when we come to it.

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