Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's in (an odd) middle name?

Not that this has anything to do with anything farm-ish, but I've been missing my Grandmas lately. I posted this on my personal FB page, then thought I might like to share it with y'all too. MJ 

I've been noticing that the name "Ivy" is increasing in popularity all of a sudden. I grew up not loving my middle name, learned to appreciate its uniqueness and it's significance (named after my Grammy) and now suddenly feel very protective of it. Don't screw this up for me, Beyonce. 

At least mine is spelled a little different! 

This is a pic of my Grandma for whom I am named, Ivie Loretta, being held by my Great-Grandma, Ruth Piety Julian Ford. Grandma's twin sister, Avie, is being held by my Great-Great-Grandma. ♥ Miss you, G.G.!

Great-Grandma Ford and 7/15ths of her eventual brood, and her mother-in-law. Raising fifteen kids during the great depression - can you imagine? I come from some tough gals! :)

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