Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I like to prune it, prune it

The modest increase in daylight seems to have given rise to a mild case of Spring fever in yours truly. Unfortunately, my cranky arthritic joints aren't really on board with all of the gardening & cleaning chores that my panicked brain insists that I get cracking on. As a sort of mind-body compromise, I've been doing some of the lighter yard work, like pruning my zillions of trees.

In reviewing the layout of our yard and garden over the past year, we've had to make a few difficult decisions about which plants and trees will be staying, and which ones will not. It is honestly painful for me to cut down a healthy tree, but I've decided that sacrificing a few for the good of the many is the best course of action. They are just too crowded, and if left to grow to maturity, will completely blot out the sun in several parts of our yard. And so, seven or eight of my poor little trees have a date with destiny this coming weekend. I console myself by knowing that the harvested wood will be used well, and by promising to plant at least as many new trees (in more appropriate locations and of varieties better suited to our climate and our family's needs) as trees that will be taken down.

In fact, just today I picked up a 3-variety dwarf apple tree from Costco. It will bear us Gala, Chehalis and (my favorite) Honeycrisp apples, yet remain nice and compact, without throwing too much shade or crowding out other plants & trees. It is a little surprise gift for my darling husband, who makes a mean jug of hard cider and has been pining after (pun totally intended) his own fruit trees with which to make his potent potables. But before the reward comes the work, so angry knees & shoulders or not, I'll be outside quite a bit this week, pruning and chopping. Uhg.


  1. We are start our pruning efforts next month. This insane Winter weather here in Florida, has made me dream about Spring. My fruit trees will bloom!
    I can totally understand the angst of cutting down healthy trees but, it's a necessary evil. Hope the process goes well for you.

    Happy Pre-Spring :-)

  2. Aw, I can't think of a better gift than a fruit tree! My father's dream was to have a fruit orchard in the back yard, so I grew up with pears and apples, and even a failed apricot tree which didn't make it through frozen Indiana winters. I wish you strength cutting down trees to make room for the new ones, and many years of delicious and nurturing apples.

  3. Michelle, I saw your comment on my blog about he possibility of the Kit Kats being maple flavored. You peaked my curiousity and I immediately ripped one open and ate it. Sorry, it's a regulat Kit Kat. My son will tell you that he thought they were much sweeter than American Kit Kats.

  4. Aw, rats! I never knew how bad I NEEDED a maple Kit Kat until just now... ;)

  5. We sooo need some fruit trees. Our neighbors have apple, pear, and peach trees (not to mention a grape arbor) and every year I am looking longingly at those fruits! Although, I guess I am just as happy to not have to do the pruning each year that they do. Last year I was able to get basketfuls of apples and pears from locals that had excess and offered them through craigslist. So maybe that is a little easier than my own?? It kept us in fruit, that's for sure!