Sunday, January 10, 2010

Field Trip – Boulder, Colorado

Well, it appears that my fount of snappy titles hath run dry. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on these past few days’ lack of oxygen and/or excessive wine intake because… well I can’t think of anything else to blame it on.

For 48 whole hours, I managed to shake the confines of my lovely but too familiar hometown, and sneak away to Boulder, Colorado with the hubby. ‘Twas lovely.

I got to spend the day tooling around the town solo while the hubster toiled away, earning that paycheck that I so gleefully redistributed in the city’s lovely shops and funky little restaurants. In the evening, Bill & I met up and had dinner at a little bistro on Pearl Street, SALT. The food there is incredible, and in addition to being tasty, is also seasonal, locally sourced and organic. Everything we ate and drank there was phenomenal, but the serious show-stopper was the Dark Chocolate Caramel Salt Tart. Words cannot describe…

In addition to eating and drinking, which I probably did just a little too much of, I went on an odd but interesting tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory.

I learned a lot about how teas are made (Egyptian red hibiscus is what puts the “zing” in their Zinger teas), and got to spend a good 10 minutes inside a room in the factory, known as “The Mint Room”. The mint leaves, you see, must be sequestered from the rest of the other tea ingredients because of the sheer potency of their aroma. Visiting the mint room is a polarizing experience. Folks love it or hate it. I, for one, have horrible sinuses, so my minty experience was a therapeutic one. I huffed and snorted the menthol-y goodness, while other tourists, eyes watering and noses burning, were forced to cry "uncle" and step out.

I also attempted to take a tour of the Redstone Meadery, but arriving too late, was forced to settle instead for a tasting of half a dozen of their exquisite meads, darn it all. ;)

Good food, cool people, and a breathtaking landscape. John Denver was right, people. He was right.

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  1. Yeah, that John Denver knew what he was talking about alright. I have never been to Boulder but have been to Durango and Colorado Springs. Enjoyed both of those towns. How nice you were able to get some time away together, even if hubby had to work some.