Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rose Hip Wine - Day 3

"Ferm, baby, ferm! Vino inferno! Ferm, baby, ferm - makin' al-kee-hall..."

I know it looks a little scary, but we're just 2 days away from straining out all of the chunkage and moving this yumminess into a jug to continue fermenting. This is my first non-fruit wine, so I am both excited and nervous to taste this. Provided that the first sip doesn't kill me, I'll keep you posted on it's progress.


  1. sounds so lovely - until you get to the chunkage part! lol. oh i hope it's good for you!

  2. Thanks for being my wine cheerleader, Andrea! :)

    Lol Kris - I probably should've selected a word a little more eloquent than "chunkage", but the stuff does look pretty gnarly right now. :p Fingers crossed that this at least ends up tasting good, even if it is soooo ugly!

    :) Chelle

  3. for real? rosehip wine? I'm soooo curious to hear how this turns out!

  4. Rosehip wine. Makes me wonder where you live! I tried making rosehip jelly when I was in my hippie period, way back when. Rosehips make me think of the prairies.