Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventures with Poo

Poor little Rocky had a wicked case of pasted vent this morning. Pasted vent a.k.a. clogged butt, is a very serious and frequently deadly condition in chicks. If the babies can't pass poo, they continue to feel "full" and won't eat or drink, usually resulting in death in a day or two. Luckily, we seem to have caught this in time. This is Rocky's latest trial, preceded by his trouble hatching and his having dried membrane stuck to his feathers which made it harder for him to walk well for the better part of his first day here on earth.

Rocky, in the foreground, on the day the he hatched, with Ruthie.

Much to Rocky's dismay, I had to trim his bum-bum feathers and tidy things up with a q-tip. The indignity of it all has him rather traumatized at the moment, and he is now passed out in a corner with several of his siblings piled on top and around him, standing guard against further attacks from the butt-cleaning lady.


  1. Wow that's gross but you tell it with such good humor! Rocky is a trooper, and so are you!

  2. I love how no matter what the "child" is our mother instincts kick in. Poor Rocky.

  3. Yup, raising critters involves all sorts of indignities. Good catch though, and I hope he has no more issues!

  4. OMG, you just made me spit out my water! You cracked me up butt cleaning lady.