Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Ryan, with Love

I started this little snuggle blankie for my youngest nephew, Ryan, before he was born. And I finished it yesterday. Can you say easily distracted?

I admire the heck out of people who can quilt, but lord knows (and now you do too), that I'm not one of them. Geometry is not my forte, nor is patience, precision, or any level of creative perfectionism. Even still, after 8 months of pecking away at it, you'd think that I could manage a pretty slick little blankie, right?

Yeah... maybe not so much. I hope that it at least holds together for a while. I cobbled it together from leftover fabrics from Olivia's bedroom curtains, a pair of jeans that had been outgrown by my two girls and my niece, and an earth-friendly, anti-microbal bamboo-blend batting.

Clumsily executed or not, I hope that my little Ry-guy likes his blankie. Aunt Chelle loves you, buddy boy. :)

1 comment:

  1. I love it. Especially with the denim patches!!! Great job on a finish - now what are you making next????lol....and yes, a third job and another barn would be in order if I were to bring home more piggies this weekend - we are stuff to the gills.
    P.S. There is NO money in 4-h pigs, last year, we SPENT $550 on the pig and food for it.....she MADE $340 some odd dollars......oh well, the learning experience is what counts....